About the Chamber

Welcome to the Monahans Chamber of Commerce


The Monahans Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization which promotes business issues and concerns on behalf of its members for the betterment of the community.

The Chamber is a vital organization within a growing community, and the opportunities for being an integral part of what is happening in Monahans are limitless. As the city moves forward, the Chamber will provide leadership and direction which will help set the course for the Monahans of the future. We encourage any of you not already involved to join us in this effort.

The way we do business each day is changing because of technology, information and innovation, however, the face of business remains unchanged. Individuals make business happen and our best asset is the personal touch.


 Developing relationships and supporting local business is what guarantees success in Monahans whether you are self-employed or the largest employer in town.


Your Monahans Chamber of Commerce works to deliver to its members:

  • Support in the political arena
  • Networking opportunities
  • Special events
  • The website
  • Monahans Proud mobile app
  • Print media
  • Educational opportunities to help you grow a successful business
  • Employment opportunities

We invite you to use this website as your #1 tool for doing business in the Monahans area. Shop Monahans first and see what happens. Use our membership list to connect with credible and proud chamber members that value their community.

The Chamber member business community is leading the way to a promising future in Monahans!



We are very proud of our community and anxious to promote it as a great place to live, work, and visit. Monahans is one of those rare rural communities that offer wonderful recreational amenities including a golf course, Sandhills, museums, swimming pool, and parks. We offer an excellent quality of life with a first-rate regional hospital, quality schools, and a low crime rate. In Monahans we know the police officers' names and call out to them with a smile. You and your neighbors exchange greetings in the yard while cutting the grass, raking leaves, or trimming hedges. We take pride in saying, "We are from Monahans, Texas". Come see us. I believe you will meet the friendliest folks here in Monahans! Sincerely, David Cutbirth Mayor



• Monahans is located in an "air-attainment" zone.

• Monahans is the County Seat of Ward County.

• Monahans has land available for development.

• We're waiting to help your business prosper in Monahans.

• Superior Water Rating.

• Friendly Community.


Our Focus

We are focused on building our future...

• enhance the general economic health of all citizens in the community.

• increase wages.

• improve benefits.

• strengthen tax base.

• create jobs.

• increase goods and services available in our community.

• improve our image.